H2A creates smart solutions for Hotels, Airports, Cruise ships and more! Enhancing and simplifying the experience for your guests, travelers and passengers!

Filling the demand for millions of travelers all around the world, H2A came up with a solution to help travelers reorganize and sort their luggage in a really easy way. At the same time providing a necessary billboarding system for airport marketing showcasing local shops, restaurants and more!

H2A offers great solutions for baggage self check systems, and focal point entertainment centers as well!

We customize our designs to fit your airports need from the ticketing lobby to the gates with user friendly self cleaning dog parks, repacking stations, charging stations, private office space, VIP lounges and more.

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Caren Steiner – CEO

Caren Steiner has over 30 years experience in design and manufacturing of equipment, robotics, automation, interiors and fixtures for airports, hotels and corporations throughout the world.

With multiple degrees from MIT for Artificial Intelligence, UCLA, Chapman, UOP and Interior Design Institute.

She has traveled the world to identify the needs of the future travelers to create simplicity, luxury and functionality to increase profitability and operational excellence.

Bill Guzenski – Chief Operating Officer

Bill brings a wealth of corporate project management experience garnered whilst operating his own 260 employee strong communications company – Pied Piper Communications across Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia, as well as while managing Computer and Server Installations for IBM, across the Southern California Washington Mutual Bank branches and national server and computer refresh projects for Bank of America branches.  A Certified Master Technician, Bill was the Lead Design Consultant and Installation Technician for ADEC Emission System for offroad diesel engines at Omnitech; and the Design Engineer for Wildboar Products – an aftermarket Jeep accessories company.  He also implemented and improved the first US bundling services through cable companies in Atlanta Georgia to allow bundling of internet, telephone and television services, and developed the industry standard for bundled services. Bill is an avid racer with 87 world records to his name, a proud father to four children, and earned his MBA from the University of Michigan (Go Blue).

Our team

Our team consists of a creative and dynamic group of individuals that provide the talent and know-how, from design to installation. Contact us to discuss all of our airport and hotel solutions.