Custom Pet Relief Park

Self-Cleaning Dog Parks – Making your travelers’ (and their travelers!) experience better!


H2A offers the Self Cleaning Dog Park for all major Airports with fully customized Airport Name Branding. We provide installation and setup of the park as well as billboard marketing for your airport’s signage.


• Central Park Feel

• Secure entry with usage terms

• Glass Feature with IATA Code etching with LED lighting

• Fire hydrant filtered fountain for hydration

• Stainless steel kick plate surround

• Integrated Spot lighting in trees

• Seating for 3 comfortably 

• Concealed pump system with removable canister

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Get that Central Park Feel

With subtle nature sounds broadcasting from installed speakers in the trees and fine details on all shrubery, H2A’s dog park brings great feelings to any terminal that is missing nature elements. Size of the park is to your specific needs with recommended base size of 11’x15′.

Highest Quality Materials

Polished Stainless Steel base with complimenting corian sidings. Shatterproof glass etched with Airport iate code. Integrated LED lighting. High quality replica trees with integrated speakers. Metal mesh interior framework for easy drainage. Industrial quality grass turf designed for dog usage.

Customized Digital Media Wall

Broadcast and advertise your concessions directly in the terminal. One, or all three sides of the dog park’s sidings can be digital billboards broadcasting desired marketing material. Using latest exterior led panels will provide that futuristic jewel of attention to your terminals.