Digital Repacking Station

Making Your Travelers’ Experience Better!

H2A offers the Smart Repacking station for all major Airports with fully customized Airport Name Branding. We provide installation and setup of the station as well as billboard marketing software review for your airport’s signage.

• ADA Friendly

• Mobile kiosk with baggage scale

• Repacking Stations

• Bag drops

• Entertainment stations

• Super wifi recharging stations

• Smart Furniture & Fixtures

• Ticket counters

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We can customize further if you have different requirements and dimensions needed.

Digital Repacking Station is customized to your needs with different side options and is available as a standalone station without connected scale systems.

customizable repacking station table for airports with weight systems

Weight Station & Left Higher

digital repacking station table for airports with weight system

Weight Station & Right Higher

digital repacking station table for airports custom furniture high table

No Weight Station & Right Higher

high table digital repacking station without weight stations

No Weight Station & Left Higher


Optional Dual Side configuration with recharging station and repacking station. Multiple outlets, usb and wireless charging pads. Contact us to learn more!



Highest Quality Materials

Polished Stainless Steel with complimenting corian counters. Shatterproof glass etched with Airport iate code. Integrated LED lighting. Dual digital readouts for weights. ADA friendly.

Top of the Line Baggage Scales

Dual repacking areas (single also available). Easy to read and access digital weight readouts. Contained cabling w/dual access panels. Disposable area fabricated using stainless. Easy to assemble.

Customized Digital Media Wall

Large programmable wifi smart screen with sizes up to 65″. Enables Terminal broadcasting and ability to advertise your concessions directly in the terminal.