Solutions for your Travelers!

SAFE T Path ™

Making your travelers' experience safer

The antimicrobial floor pathway system that helps protect passengers throughout the security process from:


• Bacteria

• Germs

• Viruses


The SAFE T Path also does the following:


• Acts as a template to guide passengers where to go

• Doesn’t affect scanning machinery

• Doesn’t need additional cleaning other than normal floor maintenance.


3’x5′ Linkable Mats are available in Borders and Centers to create long runs of ergonomic matting.

These mats have molded-in ramps which reduce installation time and costs

*Available with high visibility snap on trim

Organize Airport Foot Traffic

Organize all your airports foot traffic while keeping your terminal clean with linkable mats to help direct foot traffic.

Ramp Edge Seamless Safety

Ramp edges ensure a higher level of safety then basic foot traffic safety mats that offer no bio safety technology!

Your Passengers Safety, Guaranteed

Our Mat’s offer a 2 Year warranty, lightweight and are extremely easy for Airport to clean and can be arranged to match traffic flow.